New Foods, New Opportunities, New Connections
    What Can We Do For You?

What's Cooking head
     Get You Started?   
For anyone with a tasty
idea and a yen for the
food business, our
certified kitchen is a
place to get started.
 ° Getting Started
 ° Kitchen layout
 ° Equipment List
 ° Rental Rates
    Book A Meeting?
For event planners,the
Center offers a picturesque
setting along the river for
your next conference
or seminar.
 ° The venue
 ° The setting
 ° Book Early

    Having a Party?
For our friends and
neighbors, the Center is
a dazzling new place
for events, large
or small.
 ° Kitchen User Guidelines
 ° Meeting Room Guidelines
 ° Meetings and Events
 ° Reserve a Date
9 Steps to Success as an entrepreneur.
Reduce the risk of failure by following this advice.
Posted 9/14/15

Got a food biz Idea but lack the time? We can
"Co-Pack" for you
We're delighted to announce
that we now qualify to help
with all of your canning needs. Call Brad at 608-485-3413.
Posted 8/21/15

6 Practical Steps Toward A Business Start-up
An alternative, maybe, to learning about entrepreneurship in school.
Posted 5/1/15

Attn: Beginning Winemakers
Learn how to start your own vineyard, March 29-31. Details here.
Posted 3/3/15

Skip the Business Plan?
Here's why, according to Cache Merrill of Entrepreneur Magazine.
Posted 2/9/15

College Students Will Eat Anything in Belgium
That apparently even includes insect-based foods in Brussels. Learn more here.
Posted 11/5/14

How do culinary incubators work? offers a nice profile here.
Posted 8/25/14

A Farmer, an Incubator Kitchen
 and Ziggy's ideas
Rhode Island entrepreneur enters the pickle business.
Here's how he did it.

Posted 8/20/14

'Food Swaps' - Could They Happen Here?
An interesting idea for home cooks, born in Brooklyn and being adopted elsewhere. Learn more here.
Posted 8/5/14

Are you Ready To Be  An Entrepreneur?
Five questions to ask yourself, explained here.
Posted 6/23/14

Are You An Artisan Cook?
Exhibit, sample and sell at the 2114 Driftless Area Art Festival. More here.
Posted 6/12/14

Be Careful What
You Ask For
The eating may be pretty good, but living with a chef can be a mixed blessing.
Posted 11/3/13

To Wash, or not
Forget what you learned growing up, washing meat before cooking it is not a good idea.
Posted 9/16/13

Comprenez-vous terroir?
There's much more to this than just the local soil, according to the French.
Posted 9/2/13

GMO's - Facts & Fears
Are we being rational about our resistance to GMO foods? A New Yorker piece offers some insights.
Posted 8/12/13

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